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[A door appears suddenly in one of the corridors. It's tall and heart-shaped and decorated with red and black checkers. A small crown motif rests atop it.

It swings open and out steps Misa. She looks a bit different to usual, though. Her skin is grey and her eyes are yellow, and a row of seven cross-shaped marks adorn her forehead. They look to be something in between scars and tattoos. Or crown-of-thorns stigmata.

She stares.]

This... isn't the Ark.

[She turns back to the door through which she came, but it seems to have disappeared. She tilts her head and visibly concentrates. Slowly, a petulant frown forms on her face.]

W-What? My door... WHY WON'T MY DOOR WORK!

[She proceeds to throw a spectacular tantrum. Hope there isn't anything valuable in the hallway, or else it'll most likely end up smashed.]
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