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The suicide woods would be frightening, even if you didn't know their history. At the foot of Mt Fuji, the trees grow so deep and thick that the sounds of the outside world are muffled. Compasses don't work in here, the needles spin about uselessly, thrown off by the iron deposits underground. The paths are poorly kept, the trees have signs nailed onto them. Please reconsider. Seek help.

Aokigahara is said to be full of the ghosts of the people who have killed themselves there. Is that who's running their fingers down the back of your neck? Was it just your imagination? Was it something else entirely? Maybe it was the trees. Spiritualists say they're malevolent in and of themselves, after having body after body swing from their branches.

The wind howls through the woods, all of a sudden, and Matt wraps her arms around herself and presses her hands over her ears. It sounds far too much like something screaming in the night, for her tastes. She tells herself that the muffled thumping of a body being blown against a trunk, off and on again, is just in her imagination. She starts down the path.

[ooc: Characters will wander the woods, haunted by the voices of the ghosts of their past; deaths they've caused, or felt responsible for. They will not be released from the room until they've come across their own body, hanging from one of the trees. After that discovery, a door will appear in the trunks of one of the trees, and they may exit.]
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