[AU] Mail Jeevas (downtothefilter) wrote in dndressingroom,
[AU] Mail Jeevas

Dæmon Room Revisit

This way Mel. The room should be right… here- [Mail leads Mel into a mostly empty room, one that is not marked by an X. The moment he enters, he waits for the telltale sign of flashing gold particles as, just as he predicted, a small nightingale erupts from seemingly no where, flitting to his eye level to scold him furiously.]

You have vanished yet again! Do you enjoy making me worry?

[Mail looks over to Mel and grins sheepishly.] Mel, this is Clyareon. Clyareon, Mel.

[ooc: Dæmon Room revisit! If you are unsure about what your character’s dæmon should be, take the test here under ‘dæmon’.]
Tags: !room, daemon room, mail, mel
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